About Coaching

Butterfly Metamorphosis

If you are considering hiring a coach, you likely are in a time of transition. Consider the following scenarios and see if any fit your particular life situation.

Strong Desire To:

  • Feel clear and expressive about aspirations
  • Access more resourceful states
  • Become inspired and resilient in your efforts
  • Align income to passions & talents
  • Better manage time, energy and resources
  • Experience calmness with increasing frequency

Urgent Need To:

  • Resolve conflict with others and within self
  • View short and long term goals in detail
  • Develop consistent and helpful patterns
  • Transform ideas into definitive action
  • Overcome unhelpful repetitive behaviours
  • Attract better environments and opportunities

If some of these scenarios sound familiar, working with a coach will benefit you.

The purpose of coaching is to transform the stress of doubt and uncertainty into a deeply compelling vision, along with an effective, inspiring plan to get there. Whether attempting change in your occupation, relationships, personal health, or way of being, coaching may benefit your process.

The result is a life aligned to one’s gifts and passions, and the satisfaction of making an authentic and valuable contribution.
Coaching serves the busy individual by taking place over weekly telephone calls spread over several months.

To understand these services better, review the site, as it will answer most of your questions. At anytime, feel free to contact Rahul directly.


“Rahul’s unique coaching skills, intuitiveness and enthusiastic nature assisted me in working through several issues that I was struggling with on my own. And, as is the sign of any great coach, I came away from our sessions with a “toolkit” that I regularly use to address the many challenges and opportunities that life presents. My only regret is that I didn’t work with Rahul at an earlier point in my life!”

- Gordon White, North Vancouver; Parks planner, Fundraiser. Author & Publisher of the Stein Valley Wilderness Guidebook

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