What Coaching Is

a wolf mother and daughter look over a forest from a cliffCoaching is an equal partnership between yourself and the coach. It is a powerful agent for discovering, implementing, and ultimately living your aspirations. Moreover, you as a client dictate just where and by how much you currently want to make changes. You get to decide what is right for you, right now.

Below are some key features of a coach and some structural highlights to the coaching relationship.

Note that the features discussed are true for Voice2Vision Coaching, and may not apply to other coaching sources.

What is your coach committed to do?

  • Refrain from judging behaviours or agendas
  • Be inquiry-oriented, not advice-oriented
  • Create a supportive, light and flexible environment
  • Maintain a solution-focused approach
  • Assume you have all the needed resources within
  • Hold your agenda consistently
  • Offer accountability to your own standards
  • Be proficient in managing setbacks/emotions
  • Assist in reframing challenges into opportunities

What are the structural highlights?

  • Lasts for 2-6 months
  • Takes place over weekly telephone sessions
  • Begins with a face-to-face intake session
  • Is easily arranged long-distance
  • Is strictly confidential

Where is more information available?

To find out more about coaching and potentially available coaches, here are some useful tips. There are also many styles and skill levels so make sure the fit is right before beginning.

  • Review recognized coaching websites. Two include Erickson College and the International Coaching Federation
  • Talk to others who have utilized the coaching relationship

“The world that we have made creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them.”

- Albert Einstein