Coaching Testimonials

I was lucky enough to find Rahul at a time when I found myself at a crossroads. Life had crept up on me and I felt overwhelmed trying to balance busy family schedules, work commitments and my own personal sense of well-being. Rahul helped me clarify my priorities in gentle and respectful sessions. This allowed me to make choices which I feel reflect my values as a parent, wife and physician. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Gupta to any colleagues facing personal struggles at work or otherwise.

-Family Physician, 2014

Surrey, BC

Dr. Gupta has an openness and presence that allow his coaching to be powerful and effective. As a doctor in transition to other work, I was assisted with great skill, respect and care as I clarified my direction. Humour and encouragement accompanied the process! I am truly grateful to Rahul and recommend him highly.

-Palliative Care Physician, 2014

Vancouver, BC

Rahul Gupta is a gifted coach who is in the arena with physicians to assist them to reach their own personal greatness. His thoughtful and creative guidance has helped me to move from a place of survival, stress and feeling ‘trapped’ towards one of possibility, space and growth.

–Lee-Anne Laverty, Orthopedic Surgeon, 2015

Rahul made it easy for me to clarify my goals for our 3 months time together. He quickly helped me achieve progress and expose my self-critical thought patterns. Rahul prioritized me making my own discoveries. While he quickly put me at ease, he also challenged my self-perceptions and helped me draw out inner abilities I was not recognizing and built my capacity to reach for them myself. A humble, fun-loving and very warm communicator – Rahul helped me celebrate successes and reflect on set-backs in powerful ways. Compassionate and forthright, Rahul helped created openings in our dialogue that enabled me to begin doing the same many months after our sessions. He is a powerful communicator using a diverse mix of conversation, embodied visioning exercises and movement to provide perspective and evolve the level of engagement. I encourage anyone seeking support for challenging emotional, relationship or work situations to consider Rahul’s services.

-Sustainability Professional, 2011

BC Municipal Government Staff

I met with Rahul during my transition from school into a professional career. I knew I wanted to be really strategic and sure about my career path as I embarked on my job search. I was astounded at how well Rahul was able to guide me through my questions and after each session I would find answers and gather a very good sense of the directions I wanted to go in. Almost immediately I found suitable, inspiring work. It’s hard to explain, but I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t taken those sessions with Rahul – they were extremely helpful and I would recommend his coaching services to anyone.

-Urban Designer/Planner (ecosystem health), 2010

Vancouver, BC

Working as a rural emergency physician and having a busy family life can be a challenge. Add in the CCFP-EM examination and you have a potential nightmare. This is why I contacted Rahul. He helped me work through my commitments and also develop a revision schedule to adhere to. Knowing that I had another professional to be accountable to, helped motivate me to get the study done. In addition, I was also able to focus on some other priorities in my personal life.
Recently I found out I passed the exam- what a relief. Working with Rahul was the best investment I could have made for assisting me through the process.

-Emergency Room Physician, 2015

Interior Region, BC

As an emergency physician in a busy Vancouver centre I found my self becoming increasingly frustrated by the demands of my profession. The result was poor patient interactions and decreased job satisfaction. After a few short sessions with Rahul and a few invaluable techniques I was able to engage my patients and colleagues in a much more constructive manner. I am much happier at work and as an unexpected bonus I find Rahul’s coaching has also had a very positive impact on my personal life. I found him extremely professional but in a personable manner that made the sessions enjoyable yet challenging. I have no reservations in recommending Dr. Gupta.

-Emergency Room Physician

Vancouver, BC

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Rahul – I appreciate his energy, compassion and healthy dose of personal challenge. He always has the perfect exercise to help me accomplish the highest goals I have set. I now have a clarity of what is important in my life, and a confidence that was totally lacking 3 months ago. It has made a huge difference in my life!

-Jerome Beley


Sunshine Coast, BC

“Rahul is a sensitive, brilliant and intuitive coach. As a result of working with him, not only have I increased my self confidence, reduced my stress level, and restructured my practice to fit ‘me’ more, I’ve also had FUN doing it.

-Dienna Raye Counselor/Coach

Nelson, B.C.

“Coaching with Rahul was both fun and inspirational! Within 2 weeks of coaching, things started to shift and move forward. After three months I am astounded by how much things have progressed.

-Rebecca Porte

Parks planner

Founder of Coast Mountain Field Institute

“Rahul’s unique coaching skills, intuitiveness and enthusiastic nature assisted me in working through several issues that I was struggling with on my own. And, as is the sign of any great coach, I came away from our sessions with a “toolkit” that I regularly use to address the many challenges and opportunities that life presents. My only regret is that I didn’t work with Rahul at an earlier point in my life!

-Gordon White, North Vancouver

Parks planner

Fundraiser. Author & Publisher of the Stein Valley Wilderness Guidebook